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Chronic Healing Fatigue

Chronic Healing Fatigue (also known as Kin-Torture) is a lethal illness caused by chronic pain induced through internal wounds (usually complicated fractures) that are treated with too potent healing Magic.


The patient suffers from reopening or newly developing secondary internal injuries that are created through an oscillating healing effect induced by treating the initial trauma with too potent Magic such as military or emergency potions.

These potions are usually administered by untrained relatives thinking the patient in grave danger, giving CHF the moniker "Kin-Torture".


The patient feels the fractured pieces of bone move inside her body as the Magic tries to close up the original wound. During this, the bone shards create new wound channels as they move, triggering the Magic again, restoring the original location while causing further damage.


Magic-Suppressant Potions or Fields can be used to slow down the Healing-Process, but most Patients describe the change in Pain as worse. Medical experts assume that the quickness of the unchanged reappearing injury is not as mentally exhausting as knowing that there is a slow, deliberate, and continuing destruction of tissue happening.

Most patients will be handed over to hospice services after the external wounds have closed up, where widespread pain treatment (and in some severe case unreglemented sedation) is allowed.

After we know its CHF, we can just make the patient as unaware of his condition and suffering as possible.
— Ialos Tscherta, Chief Medical Officer, Brossal Hospital of the loving Brethren

Experimental invasive surgical has lead to no decisive methods of improvement. In mild cases of the effect where the injury was located in a limb, liberal amputation was successfull.


As time progresses, the patient will fall ill of secondary conditions that the body has no longer strength to combat.

Ultimately, the patient will suffer from mental fatigue (essentially giving up, refusing to eat or drink, become ignorant to stimulus) or organ failure within 5 years of the original injury.


Multiple public information campaigns were started inside Brossal and surrounding towns to warn people about the dangers of CHF.

There is no decisive data available about their success.

Current debates about making emergency potions or Scrolls illegal to own for civilians or at least untrained personnel have been a political minefield. Oppositional parties regularly like to spin any attempt at regulation as a direct attack on the population. This usually triggers counter-arguments and condemnation from outside experts or at the Opposition at large for using such an important topic for political gain.

Most non-political institutions rely on information and prevention as well as regular trade programs where citizens can exchange emergency and military potions and Scrolls for an equal amount of lower strength concoction or rebates against medical training.


CHF was first discovered after the Drusseodian Army surpressed an Uprising on a Farmstead southeast of Brossal. During the last minutes of Combat, a burning Stable collapsed, three Soldiers where hit by a roof timber, breaking their ribcages.

Medical personnel was instantly at their side and liberally administered emergency potions and transported them back into the medical wings of Brossals Guardhouse.

After none of the three Soldiers recovered from their Injuries and reported the same symptoms, an investigation was opened and came to the diagnosis of CHF.

By cross referencing the available Data, many more occasions and patients where found in records of the past where secondary and tertiary injuries hid CHF from being discovered.

Cultural Reception

CHF is a common scare used in newspapers like the Daily Black Board to fill the uneventful months of midyear.

The Daily Black Board earns its Money by destroying their credibility each midyear and then make the people believe they need to buy each new edition to see if they got their minds out of the gutter.
Simon Priest, renowned Bard and Entertainer

Several prominent Medical Advisory Boards, Interest Groups and Actors as well as Singers too old to actually perform, advocate regularly against the commercial use of CHF as content, especially in theaters.


Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species

A Coin for the Passage

Multiple public outcries against Gugenhold, the producer of most emergency-grade healing potions, to stop distributing them to civilians, seemed to be ignored.

In fact, there had never been an official (or even unofficial) statement from the business on the topic at all.

This triggered a criminal investigation and tax audit, ensuring that the company actually existed and had all required permits.

"We don't care, now STUFF IT!" appeared as an apparent response, written in wide orange paint strokes, on one of the company headquarters street-facing walls.

The local police informed the president of the company that they wouldn't be available to help them in case of a riot, written in pink crayon, on the backside of a ticket for inciting public mischief.

It is said to be still unpaid and accruing additional fees and penalties each day.


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