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Inquest (In-quest)

Inquest (or Island Inquest) is an Island within the Islandsea. She is the only Island known. As such, she is the largest and most populous islands on Deaine.


The Island is vaguely rectangular in shape, with a distinct north and south portion, split by the Afrantosti mountain-range. It is limited in the West by the Sofrantosti mountain-range


The Landmass is divided between 3 mayor states:

  • Drusseodia claims most of the southern Landmass
  • Prosenial is nestled at the crossing of the Afrantosti and Sofrantosti mountain-range.
  • Olivaria (or the Olivarian Kingdom) claims the flats in the north, bordered by Lidaborg

There are two neutral City-States isolating Olivaria from the rest of the Island:

  • Communos, Inquests Trading Hub and Geopolitical Center
  • Lidaborg, main exporter of Rootbrew and Mercenaries


  • Inquest Political Map
    A political Map of Inquest.
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