Rootbrew informally referred to as Coffee ( derived from the Name of the first Exporter Coffeetschi Lekereyen) is a brewed drink prepared from roasted Afrantubers.

These plants are the main export of Lidaborg beside Violence and grow only along the north-eastern hillsides of the Afrantosti Mountain-range. The tubers are dried by placing them in big pans (often up to 6 meters in diameter) on a hand-thick layer of fine ash or sand until they become brittle as dead leaves. To remove them from the pans is a delicate work that requires patience and a steady hand.

For the extraction, wide beams on rollers are moved over the pans, on which the farmers lay down on her belly, in one hand they hold a small bag and in the others two long wooden sticks or tongs to move apart the sand and carefully remove the dried Afrantubers.

The drying time and resulting brittleness define the quality of Rootbrew and it is a badge of honor to conserve tubers without any water left in them, at which point even the wind can break apart the fruit.

Rootbrew is a dark shimmering, bitter, slightly acidic hot drink with mild magic effects, said to elevate senses and remove tiredness.

It is one of the most popular warm served drinks on Inquest, only contested by Shoretee made from the dried leaves of a type of seaweed.

There are multiple ways of serving Rootbrew that support different distinct nuances of taste. The simplest way is to add the Afrantuber-powder directly in water and boil, then keep it hot while the particles sink to the bottom. Many Coffeebar use a Device called a Rootcannon that uses the sudden release of pressure to force water through pressed Afrantuber-powder which is said to remove most of the acidity.

No matter how a person prefers to consume it, this nondescript plant has taken the Island by Storm. Smaller towns and even some hamlets praise themselves by having an open Coffeebar. If not for Essentra-Halls, surely these Establishments would be the most important Innovation of the last ten years.

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