The Daily Black Board

The Daily Black Board (commonly referred to as Black Board) is the producer of a daily published newspaper with the same name. In most areas it is the sole source of international news.


The newspaper was founded after Gunhild Zestrums (Owner and Lead-Editor of Gunhilds Ledger and News) brutal murder at Lidedade in 1757. Many smaller publications and newspapers joined during this process of internal reorganization around a more modern structure.

Instead of keeping to the traditional primogeniture System that Zestrum's Family had used for multiple generations, a federated system was choosen with a President at the helm.


The Daily Black Board uses a federated System to reach most of the Inquests Population. The Main-Office in Lacih sends international news and everything of global Interest to the Headquarters of any registered local news, which then print and distribute the newspaper.

A percental Fee is paid to the Daily Black Board for each Copy of the distributed Newspaper for the Use of the Daily Black Board Emblem and the Service of News Propagation.

While some Newspapers use only the Emblem and Name of the Daily Black Board some instead opt to subtitle their own Publications instead, keeping to their traditional or heritage Names for various reasons.

Provider of current News and astonishing peculiarities from around the island

The Daily Black Board Logo by Jan Kaltenecker
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Cover image: An exemplar of the Daily Black Board being read by Jan Kaltenecker


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