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Amalgeta Pjuur

Amalgeta Pjuur

Amalgeta Pjuur, also known as his Stage-Name Tourmaline of Brossal, is a dancer, Prosenial spy and most well known as the lover of Postmaster Tschornte Wellfast.

Spy and Lover

Amalgeta had been at the Hotel Dischornignon for not more than a Year until he was approached by the King's Secret Service of Prosenial, which wanted to train him as a Spy under the Pretense of sending him to Olivaria.

Eager to leave the Trade he was perhaps most skilled in but not delighted while applying himself to, he accepted the Offer. Soon he found that he was tricked and instead trained to be sent after Tschornte Wellfast, who had recently lost his Wife which shared a strange similarity to the effeminate young Man in both grace and overall appearance.

After the Training had been concluded and Amalgeta been sufficiently prepared, he was sent to Brossal where he was strategically placed at a range of performances to which his target was also invited.

It did not take long for the grieving Tschornte to take note of Amalgeta but the first, being very shy innately and overcome with guilt towards his late wife, did not dare to approach the target of his admiration, going to great lengths to not needing to be in his vicinity even if arranged so by the Prosenial Secret Service.

At last, and by chance, both found each other on a Balcony of a Ballroom, where the young Amalgeta, overcome by frustration, made his annoyance about the older Man's obvious distaste for him known.

I could not contain my anger about the old Boar and miming with the train of my dress what I wanted to do with his neck, I vividly remember being in tears and asking why he made it so impossible to meet him.

Stabbing him with a glowing hot piece of metal right through the heart would have hurt him less than my words, and I felt great sorrow about having said them immediately.
— Excerpt from Amalgetas Biography "My Love letter"

While not the way his Superiors had wanted him to be introduced, this singular moment still opened the Door of the Wellfast-Manor by way of the young man wanting to apologice for the harsh words.

He would from then on be seen regularly joining the Widower, and it did not take long for both to share a mutual love. How deep this love went is a secret to both, employees and staff share all sorts of Stories about literal Orgies to not more than affectualy sharing a Bench while talking.

The only detail that could be ascertained was that both were seen hand-in-hand, visiting the Grave of Tschorntes Wife Estanasia at Brossals Central Cemetary. As this Gesture is also observed by other People of all Preferences, it also should not be used to identify the Type of Connection both shared.

Officially they only stated that they enjoyed each other's presence and especially Tschornte, not trying to imply being obtuse enough to not see the similarities, explained freely that he enjoyed seeing someone so similar to his Partner, and joked that, perhaps, this was a Strange Gift of hers to have a Partner without becoming Unfaithful to her immediately.

Beginning of the War

As the Plot of the Release of Drusseodia sprung into Action, Amalgeta was hard-pressed to leave for Prosenial but his Partner would under no Pretense care to join.

When it was revealed what my Mission had been, I begged him to follow me to Brussal. All the things we shared, we could there increase thousandfold.
I would have agreed to be his bride, his groom, his son or daughter if he had preferred to continue our love in that way, but I knew him well enough.

While I had Estanasia's Face, I could not copy her Heart, and he would never betray her Memory by betraying her Love for Drusseodia.
— Excerpt from Amalgetas Biography "My Love letter"

As the young Dancer feared for his Life after a Letter of the Prosenial Secret Service had been found in his Wardrobe during one of his Performances, he left to never return from Brussal.

The Biography

Amalgeta used the retreat from Brossal to write and release a Biography, detailing most of the King's Secret Service Machinations which had been used in an attempt to uncover the Preparations of the Plot that would lead to Drusseodias deliverance.

He has not made many Friends inside his home country by shining a bright spotlight on the Incompetence and Ruthlessness by which they had worked, nonetheless, the Book has been a Top-Seller in all three Nations.

Perhaps, especially the Chapters about his Life at Wellfast-Manor were written as a final Love-Letter (as the Name of the Book implies) to Tschornte.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Slim, tender features with fine muscles, carefully trimmed to perfection by regular exercise.

Short light hair with long and sharp eyebrows framing eyes glittering like gemstones while on stage.

Muscular Hands and fingers, used to holding the full weight of his body.

Facial Features

Soft cheeks leading to a pointy chin, dreamy expressive eyes beneath a boyisch haircut.

Identifying Characteristics

Exceedingly excellent posture and a walking style only befitting Inquests most notable Dancer.

Special abilities

It is recorded that he was one of the few physical artists ever to achieve "perfect bodily control", being able to move each single muscle in his Elves frame with absolute precision.

An often requested testiment to this ability was to flex the muscle of his lower right arm while having it outstretch, which he could do with just a moment of preparation.

Apparel & Accessories

Flowing dresses or robes where the preferred clothing of Amalgeta, which further supported his otherwordly way of walk.

Personality Characteristics

Personality Quirks

Amalgeta had lost his left Canine during an Accident early in his Career, not able to overcome this self-percieved imperfection, he tends to cover his mouth with his hands while laughing and refuses to eat in the vicinity of others.


Amalgeta Pjuur

Ex-Lover (Vital)

Towards Tschornte Wellfast



Tschornte Wellfast

Ex-Lover (Vital)

Towards Amalgeta Pjuur




Current Location
Year of Birth
1888 22 Years old
Quotes & Catchphrases
So many are obsessed with the Fact that I prefer to wear dresses instead of Trousers, and I am not getting tired to explain that I wear them because they fit me most excellently.
Each Time I am on Stage, I make Love to my Audience.

Seeing the Women and Girls swoon over my muscles and the Men and Boys lusting over my Frame is perhaps more reward then the few Emporikes I get out of it.
If I am aware that I won't be able to do this forever? Magic, I hope not. Do you have any Idea how hard it is to get in those Skintight Stockings?

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