The Age of Wishes

The Age of Wishes began with the eponymous First Wish and lasted from the 6th to the 11th Century. It began with the First Wish  and ended with the Last Day of the Great Order.

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Cover image: Tales and Myths by Jan Kaltenecker, Paul Segisser, Julius Diez, Arpad Schmidhammer


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Thanks for reading this Article! Here are three articles I think you will enjoy:

  • Scrollscripting as the newest magic-related Technology, has burst many doors wide open.
  • Essentra is the new big thing in Inquest. Can you believe that there was a time when we couldn't just turn on a radio and listen to music?
  • Fouled Wishes is what they call wishes that don't work as expected. It is such a great issue for the people of Inquest that they have a name for it.

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