The Formal Language of Drusseodia is an amalgamation of most other languages (and in some cases multiple different variations) found on Inquest, especially Prosenial and the Communos-Olosiam Dialect.

While this made trading easier by providing more opportunity to people along the Borders by easing the issues of language barriers, it also remains a constant thorn in the side of Nationalists.

Shoyelin replaced the former common language Trushant following the Release of Drusseodia in an attempt to unify the Population and prolong the "Sense of Cameradery" during the Uprising.

Speaking to Easterners is like talking to two guys at once with each one uncertain if the other hadn't just said the same thing he was about to say.
Simon Priest, renowned Bard and Entertainer
Spoken by

Fake Bilingualism

While most that can speak Shoyelin will understand both Prosenial and Communos-Olosiam on a basic Level, speaking either language isn't possible without further training.

Leaden Accent

Especially native Speakers of Olosiam or one of the many Dialects complain about the thick Accent Native-Speakers of Shoyelin when speaking Olosiam possess.

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