Royal Household of Brossal

The Royal Household of Brossal is the official Name of the Remains of the Tsckenove-Family and Entourage, formally Regents of Drusseodia.

After the bloody revolt removing King Regent Loristet from the Throne, the Royal Family was allowed to remain in a well-isolated Area south-east of Brossal and placed under house-arrest.

The Tsckenove-Family is well known for their debauchery and frequent intrigues, which the lock-up did not diminish the least.

Meeting the Tschkenove, was …strange.

You would think having been ripped from the Throne had any impact on their partying, but no, quite the contrary.
They were fornicating under consent of the king all right.
The Queens too.
Simon Priest, renowned Bard and Entertainer

Show or Agenda

While the Royal Household has always been known for their extravagant lifestyle, lately they have apparently taken out all the stoppers, being openly scandalous and openly celebrating their status as Persona Non grata.

At first glance this could just be the last throes of a dying institution, but others more versed in the matter suspect a more targeted approach and perhaps even refined trickery.

The Theory goes that because of the high Entertainment Value and Lust for Scandals of the Public, the Royal Family fabricates whatever pleases, to stay at the top of the Public Mind, ensuring that they might keep relevant enough to be kept in their current place.

Especially interesting is the current flood of violence causing waves from the top of the hierarchy down to the lowest servants, looking at the victims, one quickly can identify a pattern. All those that were known mediators and so-called anchors of the family, were soon found murdered half-overt or painfully obviously and in plain sight.

Adding to this are some strange promotions within the ranks that can be connected to old rivalries or know upstarts.

All in All, it appears that someone has drawn strings throughout the Royal Household and is not afraid to trip people up if they do not further an unverified goal.


Major language groups and dialects

Trushant is the spoken and only allowed Language within the Royal Household to have a dedicated separation to the common People who speak the more modern Shoyelin. This was a deliberate Decision after the Annexation by Prosenial as a means of Propaganda, in a Way keeping "more Drusseodian" by using the old Language of the Land even thought the Language is "half Northern, half Gibberish"

Some Stations within the Royal Household have developed a "Jargon so thick, it should come with a Dictionary", especially the Kitchen is said to be completely incomprehensible without an interpreter.

Common Dress code

Depending on the Station within the Royal Household, specific Clothing might be required, in common is a general disregard for practicality and a tight connection with tradition.

This has lead to many occasions where different branches where openly mocked by the public (and some less politically inclined international observers) for the absurdety of the used clothing. Common victim for this is the Regents Guard and Royal Army with Plooms large and thick enough to cause severe damage to wearers necks if wind came up or a corner was rounded too quickly.

Art & Architecture

The Royal Household loves interconnected Rooms and has a troublesome weakness for hidden doors, making almost all previously official Buildings at least Mazes if not Deathtraps.

For example, at the Kings Palace in Brossal, several anecdotes tell of political guests getting lost or misplaced within the halls, only to be found (or rescued) weeks later having sustained themselves on food plates and water from vases which are also, luckily, a common theme.

There are frequent debates between architects if a door is really hidden if it there is just so little difference between the door itself and the overly pompous decoration of a wall, floor, or ceiling, that it is virtually hidden, even if the intention wasn't to hide it.

Furthermore, a great wealth of historic art is housed within Royal Household Buildings, usually depicting influential members of the Royal Household. Outside of schoolbooks, those in the know also are aware that a significant number of paintings, sculptures and mosaics are solely existing to portray primary and secondary sexual organs of a monarch in a favorable light.

For some Members of the Royal House, we know more about the Content of their Pants than their Faces. Asking someone with royal blood to show their behinds is somewhat I didn't think I ever considered to have to do for a proper scientific identification.
— Scholk Tornael, University of Brossal, Royal Affairs and History

With the confusing arrangement of connected rooms, the Regent (or his Consort) might have regularly "tested the waters" by leading Guests through rooms with one or two revealing Pictures, just enough to be explained away as "regrettable misdirection" but still be explicit enough to cause a "request for comparison", as sources familiar with the topic have called it.


Related Organizations

Enter at own Risk

If calculated with the same Norms as applied to Wars and mayor Combat Actions, the Area in which the Royal Household is currently kept, has become the most deadly region within Inquest with exception to the Orphans of the Westwind.

Since Law Enforcement does not enter the Zone, most Murders or Killings are neither investigated nor prosecuted. A dedicated "House of Exchange" has been erected on the Border in which a Royal Spokesperson can report current Affairs and Interviews can be held while ensuring that no Drusseodian Citizen must bring themselves in Danger.


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