Hostageholding of 1804

Cultural event


During the "Congress about the Nature of Humanity in 1804" held in Communos, a Mob of angered Teachers from throughout Inquest kidnapped most of the present scientists, political, social and religious leader and held them hostage in a recently abandoned pig stable.

The Mob demanded a Decision be made on the State of the "Human Condition" (referring to the different Human Characteristics present).

While Security Forces had to watch impotently from a Safe Distance, the Mob held firm for six months until Pass of 1805, where a Decision was made.

Subsisting on nothing but stale bread, over salted butter and lukewarm water, after six months of constant debate, a dice roll decided about the Topic

All Human of Inquest are of the same Species, with common Characteristics listed as equal related Species for easier referencing.

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