The Creation

Many across the ages tried to find the reason for Inquests existence, but there never seemed to be a proper answer. As far as people could discover, it is the only landmass on Deaine. There is a pretty unremarkable moon and a boring gas planet. And that's it.

Because there is not really a satisfying answer as to why the Island exists, people have come up with a variety of tales and myths. The most agreed upon myth is simply called: The Creation.

A Hole in Existence

Everyone can look up on a particularly clear night and see the Starclasp, that Band of Stars filling most of the Night Sky. People know that the Planet is at the Border of something bigger since many Mages have conjured magnificent pictures of what lays beyond the Planets Bounds through varying magical methods. 

But because everything else is out there, and nothing seems to be here, the only logical assumption is that Inquest had to become a thing, and probably only here was the space for it. Like remembering to bring butter to a picnic but not finding any space for it in the basket, so you carry it on top of the lid, hoping not to drop it.

It was one of the first Grand Mages named Magnus, that formulated a simple theory: Inquest exists because there was an Inquest sized hole.

He found a not so grand end some years later by being pushed off a bridge, understanding perhaps a bit late that people don't like answers that don't really answer anything. In retrospect, one might say that he could've been Inquests first philosopher.

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