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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a bloody coup, rebellion or uprising in your world's history.
A total of 342 entries

Feloran Palace Coup of 2454 EIE

The Dragon Wars - A Humanoid Coup

Rebellion in the Cold Slopes

Prompt 31: The Failed Iron Forged Rebelion

The Fall of the Free City of Seese

The Assassination of Caivs Ivlivs Ceasar

The Shattering of the Eastern Front

The Revolution of the Trois Glorieuses: July 1830 or the Summer of the Four Kings

Ambush of Southern Transfer Caravan

The Democratic Revolution

The Alessian War of Independance

The Great Revolution of the Dark Lands

Die Schlacht am ewig verschlossenen Tor

Harpyien-Havarie von Zitronenbach

Die Segorische Revolution

Die Stunden der Preuvelité

The Unification Wars of Mizukasai

Armageddon of the Old Erialla

The Uprising of Crystal Concord

La fondation des chiens brumeux

The Sixth Major Civil War of Drifeyer

Sárkányvölgye vörös fesztiválja

Three Week Rebellion against Baron Garook

The Destruction of the Towers of Magic

The Rebellion of Wakhangaro Island

The Dev Eradication of the Sesha Dragons.

Geata Rail Riots-Foundry Platform Bombing

The Battle in The Valley of The Sun

Assassination of Ouric the Elder

The homunculi uprising that didn't happen

Der Sturz des Ewigen Imperiums

Rebellion In Lead to the War of Souls

Crystal Row's Undocumented Rebellion

The Rebellion against Cruorlena Lubidra - PROMPT #31 A bloody coup, rebellion or uprising

Apseldian War for Independence