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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a unit or squad who guards an important person
A total of 396 entries

The Elite Magimechs

The Watchers of the Tomb

Flesh and Steel Brigade

Wyental Peacekeepers

The Zeturian Guard

Postmasters Entourage

Gelethian Runeguard

Columbian Secret Service

South American Jet Squadron 001-Royal Guard, Earth

Vènnan Dollëka kèn Sor'ën

Mhiilamniir Council Guard

The Throwback's Guard

Rostordian Royal Guard

The Caretakers of Saint Peter's have lost a brother

Etrian Aeric Forces

Speciale Veiligheidstroepen

The Leader's Protective

Riders of the Golden Dragon

The High Lordsguard

The Eyes of the Walls

Magician's Entourage

The Winged Sacred Squadron

Secret Security Division

Calatal, The Royal Cavalry

The Empress' Harem

Çarimbal Palace Guard

Wardens of the High King - Bhaiirdat ja-Khalal

Blood Barons of Khorsek

Prompt 23: Shrine Guardians

Guards of Destruction

First Guards of Raisen

The Order of Ebon Heart

The Queen's Guard

Temptrest Protal

Mousquetaires de la Maison Militaire du Roi du Canada

The Shoe Maker's Shadows

Royal Zvaarian Guard

Begleiter der Kodea

The Secret Service

High Sentinel Guards of the Dracunum Order

Muhepásines Presidential Guard

Erialla State Navy, the 72nd Legion

The Diamond Guard

Hlorasan Imperial Guard

Queen Persephone's Soldiers

Divine Spirit Lieutenants

The Lions of Bryn Swarth

Guard of the Incorruptible

The Royal Nekuraith Guard

The Concinno Knights

Swynfaredian Lecrealt Guard

Acolytes of Trithereon

Keepers of the Council

Maison Militaire du Roi de France

The Ember Vanguard


Knight of Vintiver

President's Secret Service

The Guardians of Progress

The Hell Brigade

Zeleniee soldati or Green soldiers

Executive Protection Group

The Mazoni - Prompt #23 Unit or squad who guards important person

The Royal Guard of the Princess of Highcourt

The Royal Guard of Marela

Grimharbour Citywatch

The Bloody Black Hand

Aurea's Warriors

The Specialist's Guard

The Protectors of the Servant

Red Guard of Oluz

The Imperishable Reignar Guard

Imperial Palace Guard

The King’s Service

The Imperial Kings Guard

Olivia's bodyguards

Cult of the Worm

Guardians of the Kings of Vhara

The Eyes of Dahlia

The Monarch's Claws

PSIA Paranormal Division

Shadows of the First Watcher

Guards of the Servant

The Kaiser's Own Guards, or, the Kaisereigene Wachen

Roses' Thorns Guards

Guardia Real de Meikos

Maddutdin: The Ant Legion

The First Royal Batallion

Magican's Military

Miltary Unit: Royal Guard - Ice

Champions of Oristhane

Schimmernde Schilde des Erzmagiers

Progeny Protectorate

Hellcat Fighter Squad

Wenutsuekul Gandayan Zitsoeii

Maimillian vulpos vakt

Muschelgarde von Salzküste

Hina's Band of Seven

The Serene Protectors

The Devorran Sky Riders

Fingers of the Right hand

Imperatorial Praetorians

APU Security Detail

The Royal Guard of Isendree

Meihomei's Own Lifeguards and Medics

The Crimson Dagger

Sentinels of the Queens

Oribates Honor Guard

The Queens Wings

The Knives of Kustos

Armadi Listi Mati: The Aldarian Elite Guards - By Koraki S. Kanosis

Ambrose personal guard

The Order of the Crown