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Masters Monthly Challenge Sat Jun 2nd - Sat Jun 30th

Rise to Power!

Tell us about an organisation in your world, and how they rose to ULTIMATE POWER!
It's not only cream that rises to the surface - it's amazing what other scum floats to the top...

For this month’s Master’s Monthly Challenge, we want you to write an article about how an organisation in your world rose to power and, if applicable, how it fell.


What kind of organisation can I use?

The organisation can be a Duchy, Kingdom, Empire, Guild, Military Order, Secret Society, University, Federation, Mega-Corporation or other, but it must wield significant power within your world.
  Real world examples might include: the Duchy of Burgundy, the Knights of St Lazarus, the Post Office, a Crime Syndicate, The United States of America, the Mason’s Guild, the Borgia Family, the Ottoman Empire or the European Union.

Fictional examples might include: Umbrella Corp (Resident Evil), the Brotherhood of Steel (Fallout), the Galactic Empire (Star Wars), the United Federation of Planets (Star Trek), Gringot’s Bank (Harry Potter), House Lannister (Game of Thrones), the Thieves’ Guild or the History Monks (Discworld), the Azlant Empire (Golarion, Pathfinder), Panam (The Hunger Games) or the Kingdom of Rohan (Lord of the Rings).    

What details do I include?:

As part of your submitted article, you must answer the following questions:
  • What's the history of the organisation - who founded it, and how did it rise to power?
  • What are the aims of the organisation and it's public agenda?
  • How does the organisation represent itself visually? This might include a motto, heraldry, iconography, a flag, a mascot or other visual representations (for example specific colours, uniforms, etc).
  • What assets does the organisation own?
  • What is the power hierarchy of the organisation? Are there specific roles or tiers of power?
  • Where is the organisation’s headquarters, and what is it like?
  • Does the the organisation have any enemies (military, political or cultural)? What is their diplomatic status?
  • Does the organisation still exist? If not, how did it fall?
  • General Masters Monthly Adjudication Criteria

    These are the same every month.
  • Originality
  • Internal logic (no contradictions)
  • Quality of Prose
  • Explanation of in-world terminology
  • Artist credits where relevant
  • Relevance of subject to competition brief

  • Standard League Winner
    C J Pyrah

    Premier League Winner
    TJ Trewin


  • All entries will receive a constructive critique from Janet, privately messaged to you personally by Janet via Patreon or Discord.
  • All entries receive the awesome and shiny 'RISE TO POWER' badge to show off on their profiles!

  • The Winner will get the fabulous RISE TO POWER Winner's badge, with extra gold laurels, and supreme bragging rights for the month.
  • The Winner will also receive World Anvil goodies, sent to them by the World Anvil team.

  • Challenge Rules

    • Only Master level Guild members and above are eligible for this challenge.
    • Maximum entry length 5000 words.
    • Only one entry per eligible World Anvil user (or Janet's eyes will start bleed words again...)
    • Answer all our questions! - that's what you'll be judged on, as well as the standard MM judging criteria . Adjudication is done by Janet during July.
    • Do you have a question about the criteria or rules? Ask me in the World Anvil Discord, or chat with your fellow challengers on the guild !

    Submission Timescale

    Start Date : 2nd June 2018 22:00 (BST)
    End Date : 30th June 2018 23:59 (BST)

    Winner Announcement

    Some positive critiques of entries, as well as the winners and highly commended entries, will be announced on the World Anvil weekly Twitch (Saturdays at 20:00 GMT) in July. Highly commended and winning entries will be shared over Twitter during July.