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Wed Oct 10th - Thu Oct 25th

Food, Glorious Food!

A scrumptious challenge to tingle your tastebuds! We want to hear about one of the tastiest dishes in your world!


Fall has come—the season of harvests, of feasts, of people buckling down for the winter and anticipating all the sweets and treats that come with its many holidays. It is the season of eating!   Aside from being a staple of survival, feasts have been a staple of literature since time immemorial. A proper feast allows the characters to sit down and talk, to demonstrate their character through their etiquette and interaction, and it allows us as worldbuilders to add a little—pardon the pun—flavor to our settings.   What’s a famous food in your world? Who eats it? How is it served? How rare is it?   Is it a sacramental offering to the old gods? Is it the holiday centerpiece? Perhaps it's a common comfort food. Whatever it is, we want to hear about it!  


Want to improve on your immersive worldbuilding? Janet has some fantastic tips on how to write about the senses, particularly taste and smell.      

Standard League Winner

Premier League Winner


All participants will recieve the participation badge, and the winner will recieve the extra-tasty badge, have their article featured and be announced on the weekly live stream!


The Brief

Tell us about a food or meal in your setting. It doesn’t have to necessarily be delicious, but it should be well-known, something which has had an impact on a culture or the setting as a whole.   We would like to know:
  • How is it made? Ingredients and preparation. Does it use any strange materials or have steps which are unusual to us?
  • How is it served? Is it served piping hot on a platter, or cooled after fermenting? Or something else entirely? What drink does it pair with? Is there any special etiquette for eating it, such as special implements or rituals?
  • Who eats it? Is this the meal of the rich, the destitute, or everyone? Does the preparation or do the ingredients change based on which culture is making it, or is it limited to one culture overall? Is it a group meal, like Dim Sum or a Thanksgiving Feast, or a solitary one?
  • Do any traditions surround it? Is it limited to any holiday? Is it something you only eat with families or a loved one (such as a wedding cake)? Is it tradition to say a prayer over it, or for certain professions or family members to make it? Food isn’t just flavor and consumption, it’s a social event, so what events surround yours?


Competition starts: 10th October (00:00 BST)
Deadline for entries: 25th October (23:59 BST)
Winners announced: 27th October on our Twitch livestream


Minimum wordcount: 250 words
Maximum wordcount: 1,000 words  

Entry Requirements:

You must answer all aspects of the brief and keep within the stated wordcount.
You can use any article template you wish for this article and may only submit once.
Articles must be public and not a draft, or we can't read them!
Submit your article in the edit mode, there will be a button available to enter it into this challenge.

Challenge entries